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Purchasing a second-hand piano in Brisbane can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also seem like navigating through an unfamiliar labyrinth for the uninitiated. Here are five insightful tips to guide you through this journey, ensuring you end up with a treasure rather than a dud.

Quality Trumps All: Brand Matters

Renowned brands like Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Kawai, and Wm. Knabe & Co have earned their reputation through years of producing high-quality instruments. These brands often age gracefully like fine wine, offering beautiful sound quality even in their second-hand avatars.

Age is Not Just a Number: Consider the Piano’s Lifespan

The age of the piano plays a crucial role in its performance. Older pianos may have undergone more wear and tear, potentially affecting their sound and functionality. However, don’t discount older pianos right away. If properly maintained, they can still produce enchanting melodies that newer models can’t replicate.

The Devil is in the Details: Inspect the Physical Condition

When inspecting a previously owned piano, be meticulous about checking for physical damage like scratches, dents, fading, damaged hinges, and loose parts. Don’t forget to examine the pedals for any flat spots or other signs of wear. These minor details can give you valuable insights into how well the instrument was cared for by its previous owner.

Asking the Right Questions: Functionality Check

Do all the keys work? Is the pedal function smooth? A key without sound could indicate mechanical issues or broken strings. Remember, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture; you’re investing in an instrument that should serve its musical purpose well.

Proceed with Caution: Avoid Untrusted Sources

While it might be tempting to snag a deal from online marketplaces, exercise caution. These platforms often house pianos in poor condition, and worse, they could be infested with vermin. It’s always safer to purchase from trusted retailers or individuals who can provide a clear history of the instrument.

In your quest for the perfect preloved piano, you might stumble upon a baby grand piano in Brisbane. Remember, the charm and allure of a baby grand piano lie not only in its compact size but also in the rich, resonant sound it produces. If you find one in good condition, it can indeed be a magnificent addition to your home.


Investing in a second-hand piano in Brisbane should be an enriching experience, filled with anticipation and excitement. By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision, ensuring that you bring home a piano that not only looks good but also plays beautifully for years to come.